Giorgetti’s history is integrally linked with the Italian city of Meda, situated 30 kilometres north of Milan. The artisan activity amongst the farmers in the surrounding countryside became a high quality furniture production centre in the second half of the nineteenth century driven by refined wood working techniques and finishing. In this historical context, Luigi Giorgetti set up his first factory in 1898. Giorgetti’s furniture collections today are set apart by their exquisite wood craftsmanship. They have evolved into products for contemporary living, while at the same time keeping the cabinet-making tradition alive, through collaborations with architects, city planners, artists and intellectuals. Beautiful stitching on fabrics and leathers, metal detailing and tempered glass appear throughout the range, complementing the wood finishes. The underlying structure of their upholstered furniture adheres to precise ergonomic principles and the quality hidden in the core of the structure in both materials and manufacturing techniques means it will last for generations.